Leon Palaić


Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday 15:30 - 17:00

MakeApp is a mobile application that lets you use your personal makeup artist based on artificial intelligence which, based on your unique biological characteristics, outfit style and social opportuinities, chooses a makeup combination that is ideal for you and applies it to you via virtual reality in real time. App also provides possibilities to rate, comment and buy products, share their makeup looks with others through social networks and add products to their virtual nesseser. MakeApp collects app usage dana and provides them to beauty brands and makeup sellers through Data as a Service model. This model creates a detailed data analysis based on user ratings, comment, searches and other activities concentrated towards certain cosmetic products and provides reports and predictions about users preferences on behalf of users age, biological characteristics, location and other parameters.

MakeApp team consists of six hard working enthusiasts that believe that anyone can achieve anything if self-confident and brave enough. We believe that makeup gives confidence and boldness to most people and that is the reason why we started this mission in creating a virtual personal makeup artist.


Lets build confidence together!

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