Jan Božić


Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday 15:30 - 17:00

PickYou is a new kind of social network platform with a purpose of collecting information based on the choices that other users make when offered a choice between two comparable images of people, products or services. Users will be able to upload two comparable images on their own and get feedback from other users about the images and also find out which one of them is better accepted among other users. Users can find out how popular their picture is using a unique system, other users can pick and/or rate one of the two comparable images. PickYou solves user’s problems on simple, fast and graphical way.

Besides users, companies can also use our app. PickYou is also B2B app for market research. By paying a certain amount of money, they can get detailed statistics of the user’s preferences. We offer companies detailed reports about user’s preferences based on their gender, location, age and many more aspects. Those reports can help companies with their business decisions. In addition to reports, companies are also advertising in our app with our innovative ad system.

Organization Type Company
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